Kat Von D hydrating primer vs. Napoleon Perdis auto pilot primer

It’s been a while since my last blog and thought I better get bloggin’ again! You know when life sometimes gets in the way? The last few months have been quite hectic and stressful for me, so I’ve had some much needed downtime. Trying to work full time, manage study and undertake a makeup course sounds like a fair bit, right?

Now that I’m back in action, I’d like to give you a quick product overview of the Kat Von D hydrating primer vs. Napoleon Perdis auto pilot primer.

This was my first Kat Von D purchase from the newly opened Sephora store at Pacific Fair. And I must say, I’m pretty disappointed. The product smells terrible and definitely isn’t worth the dough. Napoleon all the way! And I’m not being biased, just because I’ve done the course.

Hands down, I’d recommend the Napoleon primer over Kat Von D’s primer any day.

Here’s a quick summary of pros/cons of each product:

Kat Von D hydrating primer (RRP. $46)


  • Light weight
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cool packaging!


  • Smells really bad
  • Little hydration
  • Takes some time to absorb into the skin
  • Foundation does not sit well over primer


Napoleon Perdis auto pilot primer (RRP. $59)


  • Hydrating for the skin
  • Small amount goes a long way!
  • Foundation sits well and lasts a long time
  • Absorbs into the skin quickly


  • A little pricey – but definitely worth the extra $$


Stay tuned for my next product review coming shortly.


My first week at Napoleon Perdis Beauty Academy

So I finally enrolled in the Napoleon Perdis Certificate in Fashion, Glamour and Bridal Makeup Artistry after many years of deliberation. My close friends and boyfriend encouraged me to undertake the course to further enhance my makeup skills.

I undertook a lot of research about various courses available in Brisbane and came to the conclusion this course was best for me—mainly due to my full time work commitments. The class runs each Monday and Wednesday evenings which is ideal in my circumstances. The course only covers makeup application and technique which is perfect—as I’m not looking to learn about selling techniques or merchandising (I have years of experience in retail!) and a lot of competitor courses focused heavily on this.

I started my first class last Monday and was very excited yet nervous at the same time. The class is limited to only 10 girls which is great as we’re able to get a lot more out of each class. The trainer—Michelle—is really fantastic and encouraging. I’m really looking forward to working with her over the next 9 weeks.

The first class covered colour theory which I found really interesting. We learnt about classifying colours, complementary colours and analogous (harmonious) colours. This is really useful when applying makeup colours to ensure they are complementary.

We then covered makeup removal and cleansing. Wow, just wow! Can I just say that I never knew there were so many steps to removing makeup and prepping the skin before applying foundation.

My top 3 takeaways from week 1:

  • use a green primer to reduce blemishes/acne or rosacea
  • use a moisture mist before or after foundation to hydrate the skin
  • use a concealer primer before you apply concealer so your eyes don’t look flakey (come on, we’ve all been there!).

Until next time, stay safe and take care.

Katelan xx